Antalya – the Kaleiçi and the Harbor

1/3 – Today we walked around the Old Town, known as the Kaleiçi, (the letter ç is pronounced ch) with buildings dating from the second century BCE.  

Our hotel is right near the old Clock Tower, where horse-drawn carriages are waiting for tourists.

The old men of the town congregate here.image

A gate in honor of Emperor Hadrian’s visit to Antalya in the year 130 was reconstructed here.image

There’s an old Roman temple that became a Greek Orthodox church and then a mosque, which was destroyed and not rebuilt. It’s known as the mosque with a broken minaret.

Lots of statues on the streets – some serious, some quirky.

Lots of shops with men sincerely encouraging us to buy their stuff. The default tourist language here is German. There is an old bazaar, a tiny version of the one in Istanbul.image

We ended up down by the gulf, watching the ships and the turquoise water.

1/4 – We took a harbor tour on a boat that paid homage to the Johnny Depp pirate movies.

We were promised a waterfall, and a pirate cave.

A nice chance to contemplate the mountains, although the sky grew overcast as we left the shore.

A beautiful harbor and a beautiful day.

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