Olympos – a Day on the Lycian Way

12/30 – Climbing around the necropolis yesterday, Jim saw the red and white Lycian Way trail blazes that continued up the mountain. Today we waded across the inlet again, to follow the trail.

Nothing makes Jim happier than following a narrow path through the woods. image


We started in pine forest, with plenty of big rocks to scrabble up and downed tree trunks to navigate around.

Sometimes we had to climb over:image

Sometimes we had to limbo under:image

And some we just got around as best we could.image

Some trunks were rotting away:image

And some were becoming more beautiful as they aged.imageimage

There was lots to see on the ground.

Every now and then we reached a clearing, and could see the sky and the mountains beyond.imageimage

We trekked up, then turned around so we could be back across the inlet before dark. On the way back, we met backpackers from Russia, Ukraine and Austria, all out for a New Years hike. A beautiful day.

Happy New Year to you!image

2 thoughts on “Olympos – a Day on the Lycian Way

    1. On New Year’s Eve, the young foreigners got drunk, and at midnight, set off cherry bombs and really loud firecrackers. As there was a drenching rain and hailstorm going on at the time, the thunder was louder than the cherry bombs! On TV, there was the Turkish equivalent of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. So, nothing different that we could see, but we were among foreigners…


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