Being one with the Tao

From Jim…


We are in Kas, Southwestern Turkey, an area known as Anatolia. We plan to walk on the Lycian Way, a hiking trail.

Lao tsu writes about “being one with the Tao.” The word “Tao” means “way.” It is the path toward understanding reality, something that cannot be grasped but experienced. Although this seems abstract, it can be practiced. Come! I’ll show you.

We listen to the Muslim call to prayer five times a day. It is broadcast over a public address system. One line is: “Come to salvation. Come to salvation.”

I’m not advocating any particular religion but I suggest listening to what goes on. These calls to prayer are good reminders. Prayer means paying attention to your inner world, the unseen world, a world that includes both life and death, and being one with this world.

We visit the ancient Roman theatre, built in the first century BC. It…

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