Saturday in Istanbul – Pope Francis!

11/29 – How often do you get a chance to see the Pope? When we were in Rome, we didn’t catch a glimpse of him, so when we heard we was going to be at the Blue Mosque here in Istanbul this morning, we thought we’d better take advantage of the opportunity.

There was a police cordon all around the mosque, of course, with policemen stationed every three feet or so, but the crowd was small, and we had no trouble walking right up to the barricade. His modest car was waiting, with the headlights on and motor running. Overhead there was a news helicopter and a drone, presumably taking photographs. We were interviewed by a Reuters reporter, who took down our names and where we were from. Perhaps we will become famous!

And then we saw him emerging from the mosque! I zoomed in as far as my poor camera would allow, with these very grainy results. Here he is coming down the steps:(white figure in the center)


Approaching the car:


Chatting with the Mufti (Pope on left, Mufti on the right): image


And getting into the car for the short ride to Hagia Sophia: image

We waved and cheered, as others applauded politely. I hope he appreciated our enthusiasm!

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