The nature of things (Medjugorje 3)

From Jim…


We are in Medjugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the place where six children began having visions of the Virgin Mary in 1981. Karen had strained a muscle in her hip and I was hoping that she might be cured by the healing water that comes out of the statue of the Risen Christ. She took some more ibuprofen and we walk toward St. James Church, on our way to Apparition Hill, where the first visions occurred.

The streets are lined with souvenir shops. Medjugorje attracts over a million visitors a year but the shops are empty because not very many pilgrims come in November.


The shops sell post cards with the image of the Virgin Mary, as described by the children.

There are also posters for sale with her image.
“She doesn’t look like a Palestinian Jew, does she?” I remark to Karen.
“Michelangelo used the people around him for his…

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