What We Like About Portugal

Here are some of the things we enjoyed in Portugal, in no particular order:

    The bluest skies ever
    365 ways to serve codfish
    Ginjha (regional cherry liqueur)
    Pasteles da Nata (custard tarts)
    The castle in Tomar
    The best things are found at the top of the highest hills
    Students with long robes of Coimbra University
    Pingo Doce (excellent supermarket)
    The yellow arrows marking the Caminho
    The time taken to mark wrong turns with big Xs to help us stay on the Caminho
    The nice people who greet us and bless us
    The hostels that washed our clothes!
    Grapes nearby whenever you need a snack
    Any meal can be improved by putting a fried egg on top!
    Sunshine and warm days in October

    We hope to return someday!

2 thoughts on “What We Like About Portugal

  1. Karen and Jim, your blogging is out of this world good!!! I save the emails then enjoy several at a time. What a way to travel during my lunch break. We miss you and wish you safe in your travels. Keep ’em coming.


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