Beyond is and is not

Love Jim’s perspective…



Porto is a marvelous place, like a Disney  Land of the mind.

I gave a beggar a coin at the Igreja Paroquel de Santo Ildefonzo. He says “Obrigado” (Thank you). Karen and I meditate inside.

In 665 in his church, Bishop Ildefonzo had a vision of the Virgin Mary. Light engulfed the church and almost everyone except for Ildefonzo and a few deacons fled. The Virgin Mary provided Ildefonzo with a special garment to be worn on particular occasions.

We walk through the Praca Liberdale, listening to a street musician.

We visit the Porto train station, famous for its wall tiles.

The lower tile image portrays the Conquest of Ceuta in 1415 by Prince Henry the Navigator. Henry became an important organizer of the Age of a Discovery, supporting explorers who claimed vast lands for Portugal.

The upper image is of D. Joao I arriving in Porto for his wedding…

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