Fatima Evening Procession

Here is Jim’s video of the evening procession at Fatima. Beautiful!


In Tomar, we visited many sites, such as the Castelo Templario and the Convento do Christo.  The castle and convent are on a hill high above the city. The Rotunda within the complex was designed to allow the Templar knights to attend mass on horseback. While inside, I was overwhelmed by the monumental paintings and murals. I could not frame a video which would capture their power and beauty. The idea of horses attending mass is interesting, though. The Moors would target the horses during battle and by doing this disable the knights. Templar knights often suffered 80-90% casualties due to their manner of attack. They had taken oaths never to retreat unless ordered to do so and would attack enemy front lines in a manner that indicated their refusal to retreat. This action often caused breaches in the enemy front which could be exploited by regular troops. The Templars…

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