Tomar to Alvaiazere to Ansiao

9/10 – my first 20 mile day! It rained in the morning and was cool and overcast for the rest of the day, so we just kept walking. One blister. Not bad!





Above is Jim walking across a medieval bridge. There is so much here that is so old, but well built and still being used. Incredible!

We were the only guests at Residencio O Bras, where we had a gorgeous tiled ensuite (I’m getting very fond of bidets, btw, will have to have one installed when we get home). The price included dinner, so we went down to the restaurant for our meal at 7 to find the door locked. A knock got us in, and we found only one table, set for two. The chef served the soup, pork filets, salad and fried potatoes, and kept hovering and refilling our plates as we ate. Very intimidating, as we kept trying to tell him we had enough, but there was evermore food to consume! Then three French pilgrims came in asking for dinner, and were told they would not be served as they weren’t staying at the Residencio! They talked him into serving them eventually… A very strange way to run a restaurant, don’t you think?

9/11 – after yesterday’s 20 miles, I knew I wouldn’t be much good today, so it was good that we only had 9 miles planned. Another rainy morning, with a long morning climb followed by a longer descent on loose, slippery rock. Not my favorite, but better than walking on the highway! Happy to say the sun came out by noon.





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