A Day in New Glarus

7/19 – today is our day to take in the sights of New Glarus. You may think it strange that on our day off from hiking, we walk around town. What else should we do?

Since the Pet Evaporated Milk plant closed in the 60’s, New Glarus has been all about tourism. Originally settled in 1845, 193 courageous souls left the poverty of Glarus, Switzerland, and formed a new community here. We started the day touring a Swiss village attraction maintained by the historical society, with old buildings, tools and furnishings, including a really big pot used to make cheese.

For lunch, we finally visited Culvers, a Wisconsin food chain that specializes in Butterburgers and frozen custard. We’ve seen them in every town. They have an app so you can keep track of the frozen custard flavor of the day!image

And then there were the painted cows… some commercial, some inspirational, all done by different artists. We walked the whole town to make sure we saw them all! Which one is your favorite?image


8 thoughts on “A Day in New Glarus

  1. I like the maple leaf cow. Holy cow….I forgot about Culvers!!!! I hope you are healing and feeling better.. 🙂


  2. I’m glad your foot has been healing well. I think my favorite is the cow in the black bottoms and red jacket. I know this is Swiss town, but the red jacket makes it looks like Toreador outfit, which I find funny on many levels!


    1. It sure is! It’s made like ice cream, with egg yolk added for creaminess. At Culvers, they say. “Ice cream freezes your mouth, but custard PLEASES your mouth.” I agree!


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