Elkhart Lake to North Kettle Moraine State Forest

Our extra day in Elkhart Lake dawned rainy, driving the vacationers indoors or into town. The weather cleared by noon, so we walked into town for lunch, where I experienced the most delicious lean pastrami sandwich ever, with little sweet gherkins right on the sandwich! It turns out that some of the shops here don’t even open til Fourth of July, so this is still pre-season.image
Have I mentioned that we are now in Sheboygan County? Fun to say, and fun to spell!

6/21 – we bade farewell to resort life and walked out of foggy Elkhart Lake on Saturday morning. Five minutes past the edge of town, who should pull up but Jim, the nice man who picked us up on our way into town on Thursday! He and his wife were on their way back from the farmers market, and stopped to see if we needed a ride. What nice people! As our overall mileage today was pretty short, we thanked them for the kind offer, and walked on.

Before too long, we were at the trailhead for the northern Kettle Moraine segment of the Ice Age Trail. As we prepared to enter the forest, we came upon Betty and David, just emerging with their dogs, and swatting mosquitoes in a familiar fashion. They posed for a picture, as they are the first folks we’ve met actually using the trail.image
In the Small World department, Betty is a librarian!

The Kettle Moraine State forest is the hilliest section we’ve hiked so far, composed of rocks dumped by an ancient glacier. Due to all the rain, the rocks were slick and the going slow at times, but the hike was quiet and pretty. Here are some artsy shots, courtesy of Jim:imageimage
We completed our 10 miles for the day, and looked for a place to stealth camp for the night. Luckily, we got our tent and tarp up before the rain started again, and we were cozy and bug-free all night. This was the first time we were camping near trees that we could tie the tarp to, so we had a much bigger area to shelter our stuff. Have I mentioned that our bug tent has no tent poles? We hold it up with our two walking sticks and two lines. Ingenious little contraption!image

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